Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday this and that!

Another week of projects that haven't gotten finished, but no hurry, and some weeks I just can't push like I usually do.

One thing I did was start painting the rocks I found, a few finished and more than a few, not finished. The lyme is affecting my eyes this week and my arm is still messed up, so it is slow going and I end  up making more messes, and having to fix them, so I do what I can and take a break.

These I did freehand, two are Laurel Burch designs, I have a couple of her quilting books. The other I just drew up, using my quilting chalk pencil. That is nice since I can draw on the design to see how it looks and not worry about following lines since the chalk disappears.

Then I started with one batch and decided to do them all. At this point, I just want to get them done and put the supplies back into my beach room. I have a million things to finish and projects I want to do, so time to get working on my quilting and I need that table back. Painting rocks is fun, but time consuming when you are slow, so later I can do more and maybe do some folk art designs that are simpler. I think doing pumpkins for halloween would be fun and easy to do.

You can see I have some odd shapes, and my brain wasn't working, so I have to remember to relax and just enjoy it and not try so hard, kids will love them.

I also started a punch needle. A free design by, The Old Tattered Flag. Here is the back, not very pretty, but much better on the front;) I wanted it to look like brick on the house, but brighter than I wanted, good thing for walnut stain, that will go on to dull them down and blend them into the house.

And the animals keep me busy, Bean always wants to play and the kitties leave tons of hair and dirty litter boxes for me to clean. But, moments like this, sharing dinner with Bean. Moki is like Bean, he thinks everyone should love him and he loves to say hi to company.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am hoping to get out more this weekend, great weather for the beach.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday this and that!

This weekend we didn't do too much outdoors, though we did get some time at the beach with Bean. I spent the time walking in the water and playing with Bean, but no photos. We did go to the lighthouse and as we walked around, I found my first rock. It was done by another group, so I took a photo with my phone. I put it back so someone else can find it.

 One thing we did do, is go shopping. Bean needed a new leash so we went for that and I found one roll of netting, so I grabbed it.

What did I do with it? I made a curtain for the little window in my beach room. I had a pair of cast iron, blue anchors and I put those at the top of the window and dropped the netting over that. I haven't gotten a chance to get new lights so I threw up my starfish to see how they looked. I might try and find something large, since the netting is heavy and bulky, would be fun to find beach items on one string, or things that get caught in a net.

Not a great photo, just used my phone and I will rearrange the area as I go. The room was dark when I took it, so the lights look funny and a little figure at the end.

On Sunday we worked around the house. I also got my oar on the wall, I had to place it above my painting area, since it didn't fit in the other space with the longer mermaid hooks. My son and Nick came over for a visit, he had to return some tools and decided he would eat dinner with us, he loves shish kabobs.

He and Nick went in the jacuzzi, Nick loves to swim in that, but when my son went to cool off in the pool, Nick decided he wanted to try it, after all. My son was blowing up the raft and Nick decided he didn't like the deep water, but after awhile he got used to it and was having fun.

And of course, Bean was thrilled to have his buddy to play with, especially when they splashed water out of the pool. I wonder if Bean will ever slow down, wish I had half of his energy, lol.

I hope you all had a nice weekend. Today I started on the rocks I found, this time I am just going freehand, I make so many messes, having lines doesn't help. Next I need to work on some pillows and the blue jean quilt for my beach room.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Finish!

I received a copy of Kelley Belfast's new booklet and as always, I love her designs. Of course I had to make one. I did change it up a bit, the kitty is in the middle instead of the end so it would fit the size I wanted. This is an eyeglass case, there is a pair inside.

The beauty of making them this way is, I add a lining on the punched piece, then I attach a wool backing with blanket stitch to that and it makes a nice cushy case. It is also nice for cell phones or pocket cameras.

If you are interested in visiting Kelley's blog, you can find her at With Hook and Needle. If you are interested in her booklet, you can email her and she is also offering the designs on linen, through Saundra at Woodland Junction.

I realized I need more background colors, so I used what I had, I think it is a bit dark and too green, but a little walnut ink, helped with that.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am hoping to get out, but might be a rainy morning tomorrow.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

This weekend we got a bit of rain, so I used the time to get things done and when the rain stopped, we took a trip to the lighthouse. It was perfect timing, not too many people and the perfect place to hide my rocks. The bad thing was, after I left them, carloads of families came in and when we got back from our hike, all the rocks were gone. One couple found the funny face and posted, but no word from the others who found them.

This time we walked along the rocks and just enjoyed the views. A fog bank came rolling in.

With the end of the rain and bits of sun, it was also a good time to enjoy the beauty of nature on our walk.

This butterfly has the strangest face, it reminds me of a bunny.

A strange flower along the cliffs, no idea what it is. It was a perfect day for walking, but Bean was upset that he couldn't run down the cliffs to the water.

On Sunday we went to the forts again. It is a large area with several parking areas and beach ways, as well as view points, so we can always find a spot without the crowds.

We enjoyed watching the boats coming in and out of Newport. We also went to the launch and beach so Bean could play a bit. The problem was, there were more people, paddlers and divers and two dogs fetching balls in the water. Bean got so excited, he jumped in and started paddling out to them, luckily he was on a leash. I don't think he realized how far out and deep it was and it was the first time he ever went over his head on purpose, to swim. I wish I could have videoed him but I was too busy holding on to him and not getting pulled in, lol.

We decided to take him to his Aunt Natalie's so he could play off leash. He got to have fun and we took a dip. The tide was out though, so between the reeds and all the gunk from boaters, it wasn't as nice, as it usually is. But it is still a nice quiet spot to relax with Bean and I got lots of rocks to paint. I spotted this bee on her flower bush, I think he was full up on pollen. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Finishes!

Finishes or should I call them  foibles? This has not been my week, on meds so my brain is scattered and my arm is no cooperating so I do not have a steady hand, but even so, I love to create, even if I mess it up.

This month's stitchery from Kathy Schmitz was a bird bath and I thought it would make a nice pillow to go with my bird house. I guess I made it a bit large, it is larger than the birdhouse, so it will go in another space.

I used fabric from her line, which goes beautifully with her designs. I did not have much left, so I had to sew some pieces together and it is a bit crooked. The stuffing is way too puffy, I got it by mistake and using it, but I think I will have to get more of the softer kind.

The finished piece is 7" x 11".

Another thing I want to try was rock painting. Our area has been painting rocks and leaving them hidden around the towns, for others to find. I thought it would be fun to try some and hide some myself. I used designs I found online, nothing fancy, wanted them to be fun for kids, who seem to be the ones finding them. With my arm and fuzzy eyes, my painting is horrid and I think I tried to make too much design in a small space. But, it was fun anyways and hopefully the people who find them, will like them. I guess I need to get more paint colors, I tend to have a more prim palette.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Maybe you can find some rocks and paint some yourself.

Monday, July 31, 2017

It's all about Bean!

This weekend was Bean's weekend, we planned our trips around things he could do. On Saturday it was cool and cloudy, perfect day to go to Fort Wetherill and avoid the crowds. Newport is hosting the annual Folk art festival and I was hoping to hear it from the hill, but it was hard to hear much and the wind didn't help. It was nice to get out though and the air was refreshing and there were a lot of large sailboats, enjoying the breezes.

With the weather, we had the beach to ourselves. Of course Bean was thrilled with that, he could play off leash.

This gray catbird, wanted nothing to do with us, so he went the other way.

On the way home, we stopped to watch the Osprey's flying about the cove.

And the Lotus flowers were in bloom in our town, so I had to stop to enjoy those.

On Sunday we took him to his Aunt Natalie's house. She has beach access on her road, and it is a great place for all of us to go swimming. Bean can swim, but he avoids it, at all costs.

He is getting braver with the higher water and waves. And of course he loves to show off. His water walking skills......

And his high jump, acrobatics.

I hope you enjoyed following us along on our weekend fun. Today was clean up day and yard work, then it is some me time, I need to get back to creating again and have a few projects in the works for this week.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Wool Dying!

This week I decided to start going through my thrift wools and do some dying. I have a lot of dyes still and I need to use them, so I started with some of the open ones and over dyed a few colors.

Here is the first batch. I was going to go with the pink and do a darker rose shade to mottle them, but I ended up with a muddy color and grabbed some tans to use it on. I like having a lot of variations in darker colors for backgrounds and animals, so they will work great for those. The pink is more of a peachy hue, but it will be nice for flowers or brighter folk art.

Today I tried some mixed textures along with a red plaid. All thrift wools, I have been collecting for years. It didn't come out exactly like I planned but still nice colors. The darkers are always good for buildings and backgrounds and the plaid is more a darker,  purple/red shade and I think it will make a nice halloween background.

Here is the before photo.

And how they look after, not too sure on the plaid, seems a bit scratchy so maybe not 100% wool, but still usable. I also like using wools like that for backgrounds on wool projects and also great for pillows.

I still have lots of go, so a bit at a time. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.